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Fast Lane Tattoo first opened it’s doors in September of 2001 and was fully taken over by Patsy Grieco in March of 2006! Fast Lane Tattoo is a clean professional tattoo shop that focuses on having fun and giving their clients so much more than a tattoo – they go out of their way to make it an experience.

The artists at Fast Lane are hard working custom tattooers with a keen eye for detail and body placement.

Fast Lane Tattoo is also about giving back…in October of 2009 we kicked off Tattooing
to save the Tatas, An annual event featuring $25 Breast Cancer Ribbon tattoos where all the artists donate 100% of their profits! ~ Since 2009 Fast Lane has donated over $17,000.00 to Breast Cancer Research through the Athena’s Cup and Planned Parenthood.

Fast Lane Tattoo

You don't just come here for a tattoo... You come here for an experience.


Does it hurt?
YES! Receiving a tattoo is a painful process. It requires the application of pigment under the first epidermal layer of the skin. The larger the tattoo the longer it will take to do, so small tattoos hurt less than large ones! But remember, people wouldn’t get a second tattoo if the first one hurt that bad.
How do I care for my Tattoo?
**Care for your New Tattoo**

Leave Bandage on for at least 3 hours.
Wash area gently, but well, with mild soap and warm water using only your fingers. Rinse with cool water to close pores. BLOT DRY! DO NOT RUB!
Do NOT apply another bandage.
For the first 3-4 days, apply a very thin film of Tattoo Goo or A&D ointment as often as needed to keep your new tattoo moist.
DO NOT PICK AT YOUR NEW TATTOO! If a scab should form from not religiously applying the ointment, allow it to fall off naturally.
DO NOT soak in the tub and avoid swimming for at least 2 weeks.
After 3-4 days, you can switch to a good, quality, fragrance free skin lotion for the life of your tattoo. (Lubriderm or Eucerin)

After your tattoo is healed, we recommend using a good sun block to protect it. This will prevent fading.

REMEMBER that your tattoo can only look as good as the skin it’s on, SO TAKE CARE OF IT!

Will my tattoo fade?
Fast Lane Tattoo’s highly trained artists use absolutely the highest quality pigment inks available. We use nothing but the best and it shows in our work.
Is it safe?
We use the same equipment (autoclave) that a hospital uses to sterilize our equipment. We also use disposable setups for each tattoo.
Visit your tattoo artist to insure the instruments are individually wrapped and sterilized.
How much does it cost?
It is impossible to quote a price without seeing a design. Custom tattooing costs according to the time involved. Larger and complex tattoos can cost thousands of dollars, while smaller and simpler things cost less.
How old do I have to be?You must be 18 years of age and have a picture ID issued by a government or state. We do not tattoo minors with or without parental permission.


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1522 Columbia Turnpike, Castleton, NY 12033, Email: Call: 518.477.8231.